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All things copper at 100% Design Show

The 2016 100% Design Show held in London in September proved yet again that interior designers are still making the most of the properties and colours available through copper, brass and bronze.

Furniture, lighting, decoration, switches and door handles - all feature in our short video.

How many power circuits does your home need?

The electric power distributor brings a large power cable right into your home. There it is connected to the electricity meter. However, there is only a single connection between the meter and the home’s main distribution board. 

Bus of the Year 2017

The antimicrobial copper-equipped Solaris Urbino has been named Bus of the Year 2017.

Bathroom ventilation

Just how do you remove unpleasant odours from the bathroom? Modern new homes have a ventilation system that keeps the air fresh everywhere within the dwelling. Older homes do not have this sort of system.

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