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Copper in electric vehicles

Major motor manufacturers are now committed to moving over to electric cars. Petrol and diesel cars will be phased out over the coming years as clean and efficient electric vehicles are developed. Copper is one of the materials that will play a key role.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that “nearly all global vehicle makers are mounting their own electric-car push, powered by ever-cheaper prices for batteries, stricter emissions rules and lucrative government incentives for customers.”

Great news for EVs, but what does it have to do with copper?

Because of copper’s durability, malleability, reliability, and superior electrical conductivity, its usage in increasing performance and efficiency in electrical components is widespread; it’s no surprise that the metal is used abundantly in electric vehicles.

Copper is a crucial and essential element, used not only in the electric motors, batteries, inverters, and wiring of EVs, but also in the multitudes of charging stations that will have to be installed to keep up with the increasing numbers of EVs that are soon to be hitting the roads.

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