Copper News

Copper house in Cheshunt

The new building (designed by pma-studio) is formed of a series of three equal width pitched roofs and sites within a listed garden wall.

Dublin house

This house, with its copper clad roof element, is located to the rear of an existing period house facing onto a cul de sac, offering views west to the dome of Rathmines church and indirectly north to the grand canal. Views and light to the east and south were restricted by site constraints and city council planning policy.

Are you harvesting your own power yet?

The use of solar panel systems has known a steep rise in recent years. Despite the decline in government subsidies in various countries and regions, installing solar panels is still a very good investment. (Photo source: Fotolia)

2016 AIDA Shortlist: Residential Design

The shortlist for the 13th annual Australian Interior Design Awards was released on 24 March 2016. In the Residential Design category, 48 projects have been shortlisted, which include 2 that we think you might like.

Benefits of LED lighting (part 2)

Following on from our article last week when we explained what LED lights are and in which shapes they are most commonly available, we now go into detail on the many benefits of LED lighting.

LED lighting has found its way into our homes and will become the standard in domestic lighting within the next couple of years. (Photo source: Fotolia)

Do you already have LED lighting inside the house? (Part 1)

You probably do. Just consider your smartphone’s flashlight, the fixture you bought for your desk, your bike light, or the solar-powered lamps in your garden. However, chances are that in most places inside your home you are still using light bulbs, halogen light or energy saving lamps. 

Copper alloy furniture catches the eye

Wallpaper magazine finds some very interesting furniture by Parisian architect Isabelle Stanislas at the Maison et Objet show.

ParkArk Oog-in-Al Utrecht

A copper-clad houseboat on a canal in Utrecht, Netherlands.  

Fantastic use of copper, to clad a houseboat, to give a family a contemporary home with views of parks and woodlands and the water.

Keep your driveway snow and ice-free

Winter is already well underway. In spite of global warming, a number of European countries are already experiencing some serious snow and ice. And when that happens, the only thing to do is to get the snow shovel out and get ready for some sore muscles the next day.

Image: Snow and ice on the driveway. It does not have to be this way. (Photo source: Fotolia)