Copper News

Copper and the Home 2016

The Copper and the Home competition has been launched.  It is a well-established design competition calling on designers to take fresh inspiration from the red metal and its alloys. 

Do you have room for a battery?

Let’s have a closer look at the future of the home’s electric system. In the upcoming years, the network feeding our homes with electricity will increasingly be under pressure.

Even manufacturers of electric cars are entering the market of home energy storage. (Photo source: Tesla)

Fire sprinkler systems for new Welsh homes

Sprinkler systems are to be fitted in all new and converted housing from 2016.  Fire sprinkler systems will be installed in all new houses built in Wales from 1st January 2016, the Welsh Government has announced.

Charging your electric car at home

Do you already own an electric car, or perhaps considering buying one? Remember to also think about the charging of the car. Many people assume you can charge a car just by plugging a simple cable into a simple power socket. While they are correct, this method has serious disadvantages, including the time it will take to fully charge the car’s battery.

(Photo source: Smart)

Cameras, plenty of good reasons to install them

These days, cameras are being used more often. It seems as if everyone has a smartphone and is using it to take pictures. A selfie is immediately shared with the wide world through various social media. The car’s dashboard camera is another example of the widespread use of cameras. We also use the built-in camera of our tablet or laptop, or the USB camera on our desktop computer for video-chatting or Internet telephony. 

Image: Fotolia

Automate your manual shutters

Many homes and apartments are equipped with shutters. But this is not just for protection against burglars; they also keep the sun out in the summer and ensure your privacy whenever you desire. In most cases, shutters are manually controlled. Every morning and every evening, each individual shutter has to be pulled up or down. However, it can easily be eliminated with automated shutters.

Copper Makes Healthier Homes

The world's first large-scale residential installation of antimicrobial copper touch surfaces has taken place in Reims, France.

Continue to take the stairs

As we age or suffer medical disabilities, it is quite common for stairs to become a problem. One solution is to move to a ground-floor flat, but this is not always possible.  A cheaper alternative can be found in providing a stair lift. This means that the resident can continue to use not just the stairs, but the entire home as well.

The “I can see you, you can’t see me” game

Why do we use curtains in our homes? In this pitchbook article we don’t just look at the function of curtains in our home, but also at the way in which we can control them electronically.

Window and door contacts in your home

You have probably noticed it when you stayed in hotel rooms: as soon as you open the room window because you want to let a little air into the room, the heating stops. When you close the window, the heating starts up again. This is a deliberate choice on the part of the hotel management to prevent wasting energy. The technology used here is window contacts. You can install these same devices in your home as well, or they may have already been installed for the burglar alarm system. Let’s take a look at the possibilities.