Copper News

New course on heat and energy

The NSBRC has a brand new course on Heat & Energy, produced specifically for Self Builders and Renovators. It considers the latest options in Heat & Energy sources - exploring both renewable and conventional systems.

Renovating with trunking and installation ducts

Smaller renovations and extensions to the electrical installation in existing homes are not always easily and aesthetically accomplished. Grinding or cutting into walls to install additional wiring and cables is usually out of the question because wallpaper, painted walls, panelling, floors and ceilings may not be damaged. The solution to this problem is the use of so-called trunking systems and installation ducts.

Choosing a plumbing engineer

Customers prefer to source a tradesperson through word-of-mouth recommendations rather than by responding to online advertising, according to research by WaterSafe.

Do you have control over your home?

Various brands of Integrated Home Systems (IHS) began appearing on the market about 15 years ago. They offered the possibility of executing actions inside the home but triggered from a distance using a standard telephone line (fixed or mobile).

Are plumbers in your neighbourhood?

New research, by education charity the Edge Foundation to mark (vocational qualification) VQ Day 2015, suggests that the British would rather have plumbers for neighbours.  It's good to have someone you can turn to when things go wrong.

Decentralized circulating pumps for your heating system

In Europe, many homes are equipped with centralized heating systems. They usually consist of one or more centrally located pumps that circulate hot water to radiators or underfloor heating. However a relatively new technology is on the rise.

Copper by the lake

A cleverly designed copper-clad boathouse on the shore of Austria’s Millstätter See lake is featured in Issue 38 of Copper Architecture Forum magazine.