Copper News

Decentralized circulating pumps for your heating system

In Europe, many homes are equipped with centralized heating systems. They usually consist of one or more centrally located pumps that circulate hot water to radiators or underfloor heating. However a relatively new technology is on the rise.

Copper by the lake

A cleverly designed copper-clad boathouse on the shore of Austria’s Millstätter See lake is featured in Issue 38 of Copper Architecture Forum magazine.

Reasons to rewire your home

When you buy a home, it is always worth checking the condition of the electrical installation. In certain European countries, a home must be inspected by an independent organization before selling it.

Finnish house

Copper-clad, perched on a rock over looking the water, what do you think of this Finnish house? 

Paul Kelley talks copper

Furniture designer Paul Kelley discusses his love for copper and how it came to play a major role in his BOB System pieces.

Are you dealing with electricity in a safe manner?

Two common dangers when using electricity are fire and electrocution. Both can have serious and even deadly consequences. The electrical appliances that we connect to our electrical installation are basically safe. In Europe, they must comply with certain safety standards and need to carry a CE marking. However, the way we use these appliances is our responsibility.

'Access controls' for your home

Has it ever happened to you? You leave the key to your house with a friend so that he or she can water the plants while you’re away. Upon returning, you find out that the key has been lost. Or the regular cleaning person gets a key so that they can enter the home while you’re at work. After a few months they move to a different town—along with your key. Should you go to the expense of installing new locks just to be safe?

Museums across Europe

Here you can find a few examples of copper and copper alloy clad museums from around Europe.  Perhaps you will visit one or more of them during the summer vacation. We have provided links to the architects and to the descriptions of the projects on our CopperConcept website.

Living independently at home longer with a PAS

Elderly single persons living independently in their house or flat sometimes wonder what would happen if they were to suddenly need help from the outside. Getting sick or falling down, a fire in the kitchen, or forgetting whether the green or the red pills need to be taken after breakfast: these things can happen to any of us.

Efficient Ideas for a Modern Home

New functionalities for your home electrical installation.  When planning a renovation or the interior of a new home, there are many things to consider – the furnishings, the colour of the walls and potential storage space, to name a few – but many people often overlook a fundamental element: the electrical installation.

House extensions wrapped up in copper

If you're planning to add an extension to your property there's a lot to think about. The main objective is to create more space, this could mean a new kitchen or dining area.  Whilst you're getting excited planning the interior, choosing a colour palette, materials and layout you might care to consider whether to use a fabulous, colourful copper exterior.  Copper has a long life of 100+ years and will certainly add a touch of colour and class to any property.