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Is your home cabled in a structured way?

Most homes today have multiple cable networks. The LAN network is one, but there is also cabling for television, telephone, speakers, et cetera. These various networks can be set up using standard cables that are prescribed for each separate network. However, this approach has distinct disadvantages. Once such cabling is installed, the function of each connection in the wall is determined. It leaves no room for flexibility. However, things can be done differently by using a multimedia network, a patch panel, and some active components.


Do you know how much energy you consume?

Energy is becoming increasingly expensive. But do you have any idea how much electricity and gas you actually use each day? Or how much water you consume?

In most countries, energy consumers pay monthly advances on their domestic energy consumption. Once every year, they receive their final statement informing them of their total annual energy consumption. This enables them to compare it with their consumption in past years. However, is this enough to trigger them to set about using energy more efficiently?  

The energy bill

BOB System by Paul Kelley

Furnitrure designer Paul Kelley has created a modular piece of furniture made from copper faced blocks. 

Do you prefer a traditional or a contemporary electrical installation?

Residents have long benefited from traditional electrical home installations. Various devices making our lives easier, along with electric lighting, are generally taken for granted. Still, the traditional electrical installation with its various sockets, switches and lights is on its way out. The last two decades have seen many new technologies for electrical installations find their way into our homes in order to deal with the limitations of the traditional installation.


House extension in Primrose Hill

A fantastic extension to a house in a conservation area designed by naganjohnson architects

Use of oxidised copper (dark brown in colour) selected for the extension and the garden planter.  Copper was also used internally on doors and cupboards.

Does your home look occupied when you are not around?

Preventing domestic burglaries is gaining in importance. Especially now, when this type of crime is increasing in Europe (cfr. Eurostat). Installing an alarm system in your home is always a good idea.

The Daily Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards

The Daily Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards is the UK’s most prestigious awards scheme for self-builders and renovators.


They are on the lookout for the best self builds, renovations and conversions — regardless of budget or size. So if you have been responsible for a project you are keen to show off, enter the Awards.

Time is running out, so act now.

Awards information

Come Home to Copper sponsor the Awards for Residential Design.

Ten things your electrician should be considering

There’s so much to think about when planning the renovation or the building of a home - the colour of tiles and cabinets and the brands of in-built appliances to name just two – that owners often overlook a fundamental: electrical installations. But luckily, there's the electrotechnical installer or the architect, to play an advisory role...

Guy Kasier's eBook sets out 10 electrcial ideas for your home.

Link to eBook.

Is your burglar alarm system connected?

Domestic burglary is a very unpleasant experience; something you hope will never happen. A stranger entering your home to steal your property while you, your partner and your kids are possibly inside leaves you with a permanent feeling of injustice and fear. According to Eurostat, most crimes within the European Union have decreased between 2007 and 2010. The only exception is domestic burglary. This type of crime has risen in that same period by more than 7%.

Get the Integrated Home System you want

Integrated Home Systems (IHS) are increasingly being installed and are slowly becoming the standard electrical installation for homes. Along with the comfort, safety, communication, and energy management benefits, such systems also offer increased flexibility and a wide choice in functions. Unfortunately, the latter advantages are not always known to the owner. This is comparable to someone walking around with a smartphone, but only using it to make telephone calls.

The Design Guide

Orientation lighting in your home

Many people avoid turning on the lights at night when they wake up and head to the toilet or go to the kitchen. This is a rather dangerous habit. Maybe you have a superb built-in capacity to orientate yourself, but a small, unobserved obstacle on the floor can have disastrous effects.

Come Home to Copper in At Home magazine

At Home – Sarah Beeny’s Homes and Property issue, features three articles from Come Home to Copper as well as plenty of lovely copper items used to decorate interiors.

Our articles focus on copper, brass and bronze used for architecture (Create more space with copper), designers who use copper for art as well as functional objects (Designing with copper) and the reasons why copper will benefit your home through pipework (A case for copper in your home).