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Meet us on facebook where we post news, articles and items of interest on all aspects of copper in, and for, the home.  Copper, brass and bronze create beautiful buildings - outside and in. From architecture to interior design, from plumbing to design objects, copper can help you realise your home-desires. Come Home to Copper provides ideas, inspiration and information that will enable you to create fabulous design and function in your modern home.

Which smoke detector do you prefer in your home?

Fires in and around the home cause approximately 5,000 fatalities every year within the EU. The number of injured is at least ten times higher. Approximately 80% of all fires happen inside the home. These are persuasive reasons to seriously consider what type of smoke detector will most greatly increase your safety and that of your home.

Source photo: GiraImage: Gira

Charging your mobile devices from the wall

The age of the portable tape recorder is long gone. Today, it is all about mobile devices such as your mobile phone, digital camera, GPS, MP3, laptop, and tablet. In almost every case, these devices have a built-in rechargeable battery that needs to be charged on a regular basis.

A flexible kitchen installation

You want to install a new kitchen. After years of loyal service, the old kitchen falls victim to the urge for other, more modern shapes, materials, and functions. Everybody is happy but alas, it does not last.

Create More Space with Copper

Architects are creating beautiful new homes and extensions clad with copper.  Some choose their material colour from the palette offered by copper and its alloys whilst others select natural copper, knowing that the colour will change over time. 

Antimicrobial properties

Copper is inherently antimicrobial, meaning it will rapidly and completely kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.  It shares this property with many commonly-used copper alloys, including brasses and bronzes, and together these ‘antimicrobial copper’ surfaces offer exciting options for reducing contamination in the home.