What is antimicrobial copper?

Copper is inherently antimicrobial, meaning it rapidly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact.  It shares this benefit with many copper alloys – including brass and bronze – and this family of metals is collectively called ‘antimicrobial copper’.  Antimicrobial copper is solid and durable, so it won’t wear away like a coating.

Clinical trials in hospitals around the world have found that antimicrobial copper surfaces harbour >80% less bacteria than non-copper surfaces, and this dramatic reduction means germs are less likely to be picked up and spread when people touch the surfaces.  A US trial showed intensive care unit patients were >50% less likely to get an infection in hospital when just six surfaces around them were replaced with antimicrobial copper equivalents.


Copper for a cleaner environment

Well-known manufacturers now produce frequently-touched objects – such as door handles, light switches and worktops – in antimicrobial copper.  These items are being installed in hospitals, care homes, schools and transport hubs across the globe.  Wherever people gather and infections can spread, copper can help reduce the risk.

Antimicrobial Copper Information Leaflet