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All things copper at 100% Design Show

The 2016 100% Design Show held in London in September proved yet again that interior designers are still making the most of the properties and colours available through copper, brass and bronze.

Furniture, lighting, decoration, switches and door handles - all feature in our short video.

An A–Z of Copper, Brass and Bronze at 100% Design London

We also caught up with a number of the designers who spoke about their use of copper and brass in their pieces.


João Bessa Marques, Brand Ambassador of BESSA

BESSA is a brand that brings back the charm of ancient times, through a new interpretation. A modern interpretation of the classical times. A unique vision of the past.

The pieces are built with traditional materials and inspired in unique objects. Contemporary design recreates them by using the traditional techniques and knowledge together with the fantastic possibilities of modern redesign.



Julien Bonzom, Director of Woodlikes

Woodlikes is an Interior design, furniture & lighting company created by Julien Bonzom, an award winning French designer who is passionate about bringing the elegance of different materials into a unique vision of furniture and design.

Julien takes care and pride in personally sourcing and selecting the best materials, before he skillfully handcrafts them into unique furniture pieces that are durable, functional and artistic.  Woodlikes is a company that values personality, identity and uniqueness. As such it offers its clients the opportunity to create their own personalised pieces of bespoke furniture, lighting and home interior design. Whether it is wood, metal, marble, glass, fabric or leather, or all of the above, you will rest assured that Woodlikes will deliver your vision created with finesse and quality. 



Artur Soares, Creative Director of Designers Mint

Designer’s Mint is a multidisciplinary creative office which connects architecture, interior design, equipment and production. They feature a number of distinctive brands, including Duqeusa e Malvada, a luxury furniture brand, with designs for a cosmopolitan, irreverent public.  They create design pieces reflecting an urban and intense lifestyle in perfect harmony with cosmopolitan elements, trends, luxury, with a special focus on the personal style and identity.

Designer's Mint