Copper for gas pipes?

Copper gas pipework is mainly used for gas fires, heating boilers and cookers. One of the characteristics of copper tubes is their unlimited fire resistance, providing you as a home owner with the best possible protection in case of fire.  Copper tubes are approved both for natural and for liquid gas.

There is a British Standard for the design and installation of domestic gas pipework.  Gas Engineers will use this Standard to calculate the diameters of the copper tube required to deliver the correct flow of gas to each of your appliances. Doing it correctly means an efficient and safe installation.

Remember, gas work must be done by a qualified gas engineer registered with Gas Safe.  Gas Safe have plenty of information on their website including a 'find a gas engineer' facility. 

Could I hit a tube when I drill a hole in the wall?

Unlike other materials, copper tubes and metal pipes in general are easily relocated using, for example a simple metal detector, even when they are covered with plastering. The risk of accidentally drilling into a tube is easily avoided. This makes copper the perfect choice for all kinds of installations in the home.