Electrical Systems

What does copper do for your electrical system?

Copper wires connect your appliances and lighting to a safe, reliable energy network within the home. Modern installation techniques provide multiple connection points for your mobile, stationary or security devices. Correctly installed sockets, chargers, USB points, smoke detectors and electric lighting provide a lifetime of comfort and security to your home.  Checklist - Design Guide for Integrated Home Systems.  See below for a full list of articles on electrical functionality and ideas for your home.

Can copper add to the safety of your home?

The main risk of under-maintained electrical installations is fire. An investigation of the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (UK) showed that 79% of the accidental primary fires were caused by faults in the electric installation. 

USB wall charger © Niko
USB wall charger © Niko

The risk of fire can be drastically reduced by the use of safe electrical appliances, responsible human behaviour and a well-designed, up to date copper electrical system.

Regular inspections of the electrical installation should not be seen as just a cost for the building owner. A good inspection report will help demonstrate the quality of the energy installations, let you sleep safely at night and increases the value of your property.

In order to prevent undue risk of electrocution or fire avoid hiding extension cables under carpets, the multiple use of adapters in a single socket, or the usage of unsuitable electrical equipment in the bathroom. Better still why not install multiple sockets and safety rated connection points permanently to avoid the use of extension cables and unintended risk all together.

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