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Bus of the Year 2017

The antimicrobial copper-equipped Solaris Urbino has been named Bus of the Year 2017.

Amongst other innovative features, the inclusion of antimicrobial copper handrails set the Solaris Urbino apart from the competition. Handrails are among the most frequently-touched surfaces on a bus, which prompted the decision to make them from an inherently hygienic material: copper.

Manufactured by Polish company STER, the rails are engineered to be lightweight, and the solid copper alloy chosen is attractive and colour stable with the added benefit of being antimicrobial.

Dr. Andreas Strecker, CEO of Solaris Bus  & Coach, observes: ‘This prestigious award comes as a result of great teamwork by all involved, including our employees,  suppliers and partner companies with whom we have developed our vehicles.’

‘Antimicrobial copper handrails are an innovative solution in European public transport,’ adds Maciej Szymanski, CEO of STER.’ We are delighted that they have become an important feature of this award-winning vehicle.’

Copper rapidly destroys germs that can be picked up, unseen, from frequently-touched surfaces in the environment, potentially causing an illness. These include bacteria, such as E. coli, and viruses, such as influenza and the ‘winter vomiting bug’, norovirus. Fewer germs on surfaces mean less risk of infections spreading between people touching them.

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