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Conversion of a 18th century vicarage

The project involves the conversion of a 18th century vicarage at Rossem (Wolvertem - Belgium), in a protected village view, into a contemporary house. Images, see Copperconcept

The visual and spatial relationship between the parish village school and church is maximum respected in architecture. On the other hand, the will of the client about synergies between traditional and contemporary architecture are conceived in a subtle way.

The architectural volumes, old and new pierce each other both formally and spatially two- and threedimensional. Contemporary materials such as copper and aluminium are in harmony with historic masonry, slate, oak.

The former symbolism of the vicarage garden echoes in a deduplicated spatial axis in the floor plan that connects inside with outside. The garden was initially walled; the design creates the deduplicated axis for spatial perception of the walls.

The client as a co-creator is incorporated here in a tactile manner into architectural details and materials. This realization participated several specialized companies and craftsmen.