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January issue of the Copper in Design newsletter is available.

Included in this issue:

UK-based designer Daniel Schofield has produced a tableware collection that cleverly contrasts the qualities of untreated and mirror-polished brass. Each piece in the Tarnish Collection has been designed to have one highly polished half that has been lacquered so no marks can be left, while the other half is left untreated so it is able to develop a patina. The Tarnish Collection is a range of solid brass functional objects, in which simple surface treatment helps to create a narrative.


London designer Michael Anastassiades has created a range of lamps using tubular bulbs and brass rods arranged in various configurations. Known for his use of simple geometric shapes like tubes, oblongs and spheres, each and every one of the lights come in different configurations. Chosen by Anastassiades for their “apparent effortlessness”, they were crafted by a UK machinist.


New Zealand designer Ramon Telfer used his own experience of panic attacks to design The Calming Stone, a hand-held device created to help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.  Calling upon his own experiences, Telfer worked with Calming Stone co-founder Alex Johnson to develop the device, which sits in the palm of the hand. A copper ring around the edge of the device works as an integrated heart-rate sensor. is a meeting space for contemporary designers and their followers. This international platform provides a comprehensive source of information on the crafting of the red metal: copper creations, first-hand accounts from designers, exhibitions, competitions and many others.