Copper News

Copper house in Cheshunt

The new building (designed by pma-studio) is formed of a series of three equal width pitched roofs and sites within a listed garden wall.

The single storey forms are set back from the road and will be screened by the listed wall and the existing mature trees.

Open gables at each end form large windows to the main rooms that look over the garden to the rear and create a semi enclosed courtyard to the south. The intention is to take aspects of the local forms and present them within a modern sensibility, producing elevations that look new but are also recognisable within the context.

Proposed External Finishes: The external roofs and walls of the building clad in pre-oxidised copper. External doors and windows are to be double glazed and in self finished oak frames. Rainwater goods concealed.

The copper is pre-oxidised, presenting a bronze colour that gives a distinctive character and strong archaeological resonance particularly appropriate for Churchgate’s historic setting. Copper is one of the oldest building materials, with unique properties and characteristics.

A new vehicular access is formed using new and reclaimed bricks to match the existing listed garden wall.

The project was designed by pma-studio.