Copper News

Have you selected your heat pump yet?

In a well-insulated home, it is possible to use an energy-efficient heat pump for heating as well as for the production of sanitary hot water. In some cases, the same device can also be used to cool your home in the summer. There are a number of options available that are worth considering, the most important of which involve the type of source and whether to go with an air heating or water heating system. We’ll help you decide.

The National Self Build & Renovation Centre

Back in November the NSBRC invited self-builders to take part in a survey to collect views on the Government's commitment to extend housing choice through the introduction of new 'Right to Build' legislation - developed to give prospective home owners the opportunity to own an individually designed home.

Do you have enough sockets in your home?

Ever thought about the number of power sockets you want to have installed during the construction of your new home or your next renovation? This is no minor concern. Irritation with your electrical installation will rise every time you need a socket and there is none. To make matters worse, this situation is going to last for a long time.

Drummonds Brass Manufacturing

Ever wondered how brass bathroom fittings are made?  Drummonds have produced a short video which shows the casting process, which we wanted to share with you.

"A short film showing the handmade process we use for making our bathroom range.  We work with Brass to make our range of bathroom fittings in our own factories. This is a process lost to most, but something we are proud of."

Drummonds brass manufacturing

Ever found yourself sitting in the dark?

Let’s be honest: emergency lighting probably won’t be your first priority when designing your home’s electrical installation. Still, emergency lighting—generally found in public buildings—offers a number of benefits for your home as well. If the lights go out, you won’t find yourself sitting in the dark.

Ever given thought to the wiring for your speakers?

When installing the electrical network in our home, switches, lights and power sockets are the main things we think about. However, a modern home electrical installation consists of other networks as well, such as those for LAN, television and telephony. 

Speaker wiring is often overlooked—with all the attendant consequences.

Let’s take a look at some points to consider.

Copper at 100% Design

The beauty and versatility of copper and brass were on show at 100% Design London in 2014. This video shows some of our highlights, and interviews with a few of the designers who share our passion for the red metal.

Copper at 100% Design

National Selfbuild and Renovation Show

30th January - 1st February 2015

An opportunity for those undertaking renovation work on their home, or building a new home from scratch, to talk to experts and get sound advice.

Copper can be part of your plans, from cladding and roofing, to plumbing, heating and renewables, via electrics and power. See some of our other 'news' items for details on usb-plug points, orientation lighting, kitchen power boards, hard-wired smoke detectors. 

Don't forget the shed

Nothing is quite as annoying as having to retrieve something or put it away in a garden shed at night when there is no light. You could get a flash light, but then you only have one hand free. Charging your cordless tools poses a problem if there is no power outlet in the garden shed. In other words, a garden shed with electricity is so much handier than one with no power whatsoever. Let us walk you through a properly designed garden shed.

The feed cable