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Made any arrangements for your old age yet?

The number of old people (+65) in society is increasing all over the world. On the one hand, this is the result of improved healthcare and a better quality of life, enabling people to live longer. On the other hand, there is a demographic aspect at work as well, the post-WWII baby boom. Certain electrical functions inside the home can help our ageing population live on their own for a longer period of time. Some examples and a reference to a more extensive article are given below.

Shutters, sunscreens, and curtains

Copper rainwater systems - gutters and downpipes

BuildIt has an article on copper rainwater systems on their website.  It looks at copper as a materail (including the recyclability), the life span of the product, the fabulous look of copper and installation techniques and costs.

Copper Guttering Explained - Benefits, Costs & How to Choose

Copper rainwater systems can add a touch of elegance to a property as well as being long-serving, reliable and low maintenance.

Have you selected your garden lights yet?

Over the last couple of years, the garden has become an extension of the house. It is a pleasure to enjoy the garden on a warm day or evening. Or to have a view of the lighted garden on cold winter nights and increase the living room’s cosiness. However, which fixtures and lights will generate the desired effect? Let us take a tour through the many possibilities.

Types of fixtures

In general, four types can be distinguished: wall, floor, post, and pin fixtures. In the event there are eaves, you can also opt for ceiling fixtures.

At Home magazine, edited by Sarah Beeny

The October issue of At Home magazine features two articles by Come Home to Copper.

In the first, we look at how to improve the electrical functionality of your home.  Have you thought about installing orientation lighting, to help you find your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or of installing usb recharging points around the home.

Modernising the art of ringing the door bell

Are you the type of person that immediately drops everything as soon as the doorbell rings? You rush to the front door and open it without knowing who’s there, only to see that person already back in their car and driving off.

Being too late is a common occurrence with a traditional doorbell system. When you are older and no longer capable of rushing to the door, it is more comfortable and far safer to replace the common doorbell system with an improved installation.

Let us look at the possibilities.

'Copper-orange' is the colour for 2015

Copper-orange is to be the colour for 2015. 

Replacing the cool blues and greens of recent years, a warmer spectrum of pinks, reds and oranges is emerging, reflecting a more positive global outlook. As a paint translation of this trend, research all points to an orangey copper tone. Great on its own, the colour also combines perfectly with pinks, neutrals, whites and other orange hues, as well as metallic colours such as gold.

Is your home cabled in a structured way?

Most homes today have multiple cable networks. The LAN network is one, but there is also cabling for television, telephone, speakers, et cetera. These various networks can be set up using standard cables that are prescribed for each separate network. However, this approach has distinct disadvantages. Once such cabling is installed, the function of each connection in the wall is determined. It leaves no room for flexibility. However, things can be done differently by using a multimedia network, a patch panel, and some active components.


Do you know how much energy you consume?

Energy is becoming increasingly expensive. But do you have any idea how much electricity and gas you actually use each day? Or how much water you consume?

In most countries, energy consumers pay monthly advances on their domestic energy consumption. Once every year, they receive their final statement informing them of their total annual energy consumption. This enables them to compare it with their consumption in past years. However, is this enough to trigger them to set about using energy more efficiently?  

The energy bill

BOB System by Paul Kelley

Furnitrure designer Paul Kelley has created a modular piece of furniture made from copper faced blocks. 

Do you prefer a traditional or a contemporary electrical installation?

Residents have long benefited from traditional electrical home installations. Various devices making our lives easier, along with electric lighting, are generally taken for granted. Still, the traditional electrical installation with its various sockets, switches and lights is on its way out. The last two decades have seen many new technologies for electrical installations find their way into our homes in order to deal with the limitations of the traditional installation.