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Efficient Ideas for a Modern Home

New functionalities for your home electrical installation.  When planning a renovation or the interior of a new home, there are many things to consider – the furnishings, the colour of the walls and potential storage space, to name a few – but many people often overlook a fundamental element: the electrical installation.

It’s not until the new or renovated area is put to use, that the owners realise that they miss out on the necessary comfort, security and energy saving functions… when it is too late.

Fortunately, help is at hand. We bring you a selection of new technologies and systems that offer tangible benefits in terms of added comfort, energy efficiency and security. You will notice that all of them have something in common: the copper wires that connect your appliances to a safe, reliable energy network within the home. Copper has the highest conductivity of the commercial metals, playing a fundamental role in the electrical systems.

Modern installation techniques provide multiple connection points for your mobile, stationary or security devices. Correctly installed sockets, USB points, smoke detectors or speakers provide a lifetime of comfort and security to your home.


Your USB charger in the wall

Imagine the convenience of multiple USB wall plugs anywhere you might need: the living room, kitchen or bedroom, just to name a few.

It is as simple as replacing an existing traditional socket with a USB wall plug or a combined USB 230V socket. In other words, separate chargers are history.  Put your USB charger in the wall!


A smart home heating system

Smart heating systems are likely to be a key part of every home going forward. They make your home more comfortable and efficient while helping you save energy.

 (Photo credit: Nest)

What makes them so "smart" is that they learn from your behaviours, program themselves and can be controlled remotely with your mobile. In addition, they can be easily installed using the existing in-wall thermostat wiring.


Somebody’s at the door

Being too late is a common occurrence when someone is ringing at your door with the traditional doorbell system. It is more comfortable and far safer to opt for a door communication system. One or more devices inside the home are equipped with a screen showing the person at the door, offering the possibility to open the front door remotely.

Do you want more comfort? Additional solutions enable door communication with the computer, picture display on the TV and door opening via the telephone.


Virtually invisible speakers

Nowadays, a good home theatre system includes five or more speakers. Where are you going to put them? No matter how you set them up around the room, free-standing speakers take up valuable space. That's why the built-in speakers are gaining more and more popularity.

(Photo credit:Cambridge Audio)

They can be installed either in the wall or in the ceiling, saving space, maintaining the aesthetics of the room and reducing the chances of accidents as the wiring is concealed.


Next-gen smoke detector

We all know that a traditional smoke detector can become annoying because of false alarms when you are cooking or when you hear the low-battery sound signal at night. But they keep us safe.

 (Photo credit: Nest)

Fortunately for us, the new smoke detectors are available in a 230V version and can distinguish between steam and smoke while offering new functionalities such as emergency lights, CO detection, a voice alarm or sending a message to your mobile when you are away from home.