Copper News

House extensions wrapped up in copper

If you're planning to add an extension to your property there's a lot to think about. The main objective is to create more space, this could mean a new kitchen or dining area.  Whilst you're getting excited planning the interior, choosing a colour palette, materials and layout you might care to consider whether to use a fabulous, colourful copper exterior.  Copper has a long life of 100+ years and will certainly add a touch of colour and class to any property.

The McInnes House, Jedburgh, Scotland            Elizabeth Roxburgh Architects

Copper House Luxembourg     team31 architecture office

Monkstown cottage extension, Ireland Bone O'Donnell Architects

Petravore (Extension to a house in Cardiff)      Hyde + Hyde Architects

Bronze extension to a house, Gloucestershire Verity & Beverley Ltd

House extension, Primrose Hill      naganjohnson architects & designers

House in Moussages, France          David Chastain Architecte DPLG

Private residence, Surrey, UK   rjha Ltd