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Copper - for greener resources
Copper is extremely recyclable. It can be recycled again and again without any loss of performance. The European copper industry recycles thousands of tonnes of copper every day and would do more if more people sent back their old items containing copper for recovery.
The result: copper is a sustainable material with sustainable uses - and it will be available for generations to come.
Copper - for saving energy
Copper heating systems are designed using fittings with easy flow characteristics. This means less pressure loss in the pipes. Electric motors containing high levels of copper are also more efficient.
The result: less energy consumption.
Copper - for a warm winter
With an optimised hot water tank you can save up to 33% on heating energy.
The result: enough energy savings to cover all heating and hot water requirements with solar energy during the winter months.
Copper - for drinking water
Copper pipes do not emit harmful substances into the water or those that aid the spread of bacteria. Copper does not diffuse gases or pick up taste.
The result: first rate drinking water any time, throughout your house.
Copper - for fire safety
Sprinkler systems with copper pipes are safe because they withstand heat, don?t burn or emit toxic fumes. With copper it?s no trouble to refit an old property with copper sprinkler systems.
The result: effective and cost-efficient fire safety for houses.
Copper - for flexible systems
Copper has many different uses and is easy to work with. Copper is used in roofing, downpipes and gutters, solar applications (PV and thermal), lightning conductors, telecoms, household appliances, internet connections, building wiring and plumbing.
The result: copper never goes to waste and fits seamlessly in a multitude of systems throughout your house.
Copper - for your health
Copper is naturally antimicrobial. It reduces the spread of germs on contact surfaces such as door knobs, touch plates, hand rails and medical equipment.
The result: various hospital trials have revealed that pathogenic germ levels on objects made of copper are 99% lower than on conventional materials.
Copper - for the future
You can rely on copper to withstand factors such as cold, heat or pressure. Copper doesn?t age or become brittle.
The result: those who install copper pipes, roofing and decorative materials in and on their house build for generations to come. Copper?s natural longevity means it lasts up to hundreds of years.