Copper News

When the going gets tough

Copper gets going to the summit of Europe - The Capanna Osservatorio Regina Margherita.

Copper gets going to stand up to predator attacks - Copper fish cages in Mozambique.

Copper gets going to take on the icy Andes challenge - Copper overhead power lines in Chile.

Copper gets going to spread healthcare to rural areas - South Africa’s ‘Miracle Trains’.

Copper gets going on extreme off-road conditions - Kamaz truck at the Dakar Rally.

Copper gets going destination Red Planet - NASA’s first 3D-printed copper rocket engine part.

Copper gets going to the origin of the universe - Super-conducting wire for the CERN particle accelerator.

Curious to understand the secrets behind the innovations required to operate successfully in harsh environments?  We developed a series of case studies unveiling the roles that copper products can play.  Discover the first seven case-studies.

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